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                                 Profile of Pastor Torrney N Collins
                                       Destined To Do the Will of GOD...

The sun rose and a flower bloomed on March 27,1977; this marked the beginning of my  earthly journey. It was a Sunday morning in may; I was only six weeks old when the Spirit of the Lord moved a woman, whom we affectionately called "Aunt Jim" to deposit a few words of wisdom into my mother's heart.  I was told she said, "Let me see that boy, I don't want to hold him, I just want to see him." She continued on and said, "I may be dead and gone, but this child is going to be great in the Kingdom of God.

Even with those powerful words spoken over my life, I was still not exempt from trails and tribulations.  Along with purpose, there are still times we must endure pain and grief.  In 1991, during my season of rebellion, the Lord instructed my mother to send me to my grandmother, the late Eloise Collins.  I will never forget that rainy evening in September, I was walking home from school and I finally heard the voice of the Lord for myself.  Afraid and with tears in my eyes I ran home to my grandmother's arms and told her what "thus said the Lord." I accepted her words as confirmation of what the Lord had revealed to me and it was settled in my heart that I was destined to preach and teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

God sent a distinguished godly man into my life to guide me the rest of the way; an angel in the person of Rev. Leroy Haley to continue the spiritual mentoring in my life.  He served as my "Elijah" through the
critical period in my life; he taught, chastised, prepared, instructed and most importantly, he accepted and loved me.  It is because of him that I stand before you as the man of God and the preacher I am today.

                                                     Torrey N. Collins

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